About the Artist

My father got me started with drawing when I was about three years old. I would sit beside him on the couch as he made up sketches of animals and people. The trick was to guess what he was drawing while it was still in the preliminary stages. That sparked my interest, and since that time I have had a pencil or pen in my hand. I get as much satisfaction from drawing today as I ever did back then.

Through my school years I was known for my interest in art. I was always drawing something. It wasn’t until college that I took any art courses. My first classes were non-major classes in the Art Department. Later I discovered the Design Department, which led me to major in Illustration. It was there that I first worked with scratchboard, my preferred medium. I graduated with a BFA degree in Illustration from Brigham Young University.

My scratchboard work has been published in national magazines and newspapers such as Inc. magazine, The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post.

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