Ok, I’m calling the scratchboard portrait finished

The shadows were more difficult than the highlights. It would have been more dramatic to leave the shadow without detail, but for this portrait I wanted to have a more complete look. I feel good about how it turned out, and I’m ready to start another one.

I learned some things doing this project. When I did one of my Prismacolor portraits I tried using Saral white transfer paper. It’s like graphite paper, but the lines it makes are white instead of black. Anyway, the lines were a bit too heavy, and I spent a lot of time erasing them. I read about using Chaco Paper instead. It’s the same basic concept, but it puts down a much lighter line. I tried it on this scratchboard portrait and really liked the lines. But, I did run into a bit of trouble removing them. You are supposed to be able to use water to remove the lines, so I wet them with a little watercolor brush. That removed quite a bit, but there was still a residue remaining. I found I had to wipe the wet area with an optical cleaning cloth to remove them completely. It doesn’t scratch the surface, but it does add a tiny bit of shine to those areas. I’m hoping that a coating of Krylon clear spray will even out the look of the surface.

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