Scratchboard Portrait

My scratchboard tools have been dormant for too long. There are some amazing artists doing scratchboard these days. After looking at a few of their websites, I decided to push myself to create something a few notches above the previous work I’ve done.

Inertia is my biggest obstacle. Once I get started, I’ll be fine. So, I’d better get started. I’ll post the results at the end of the day, good or bad.

UPDATE July 28:
I didn’t post the results because I was still working on it. This is where I ended up:

2 thoughts on “Scratchboard Portrait

  1. Flabbergasting! Is that a word? I don’t know, but I am amazed at what you have achieved within this meia.
    I have a piece of scratchboard that has been staring at me from my bureau for at least 6 months, black as coal.
    The thing is… I am not what anyone would call an artist… and it is VERY intimidating to look at this thing every morning!
    If I could think backwardws or something? I dont’t know, but; your work is amazing!
    I have an amazing portrait done by a friend wh0 has since passed away, hanging on my wall which both encourages and intimadates me at the same time.
    Guess the thing to do is just to start scratching and see what results! Hmmm…

    • Hi Duncan,

      My first attempt at scratchboard gave me some trouble, but then I realized the end result was going to be the same whether I started with a black board and scratched the image out of it, or whether I used a white board and inked the image on. In the end, the highlights would be in the same places for either method, and the shadows too. For example, the whites of eyes are white, and the dark parts of eyes are still dark. I hope that makes sense. I tend to start with the lightest areas first to get me started.

      If you haven’t done scratchboard before, my advice would be to use the first board as an experiment in scratching – without worrying whether it ends up being anything you want to keep. Just get a feel for the tool on the board.


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