Candy – pet portrait – nearly finished

Candy is very close to the finish. There is a dog tag in the reference photograph that I have been puzzling over – whether to render it or leave it out. I think I will render it.

3 thoughts on “Candy – pet portrait – nearly finished

  1. Hi Russ absolutley amazing work its so detailed. Ive just ordered some ampersand board today I am dying to give this a try Ive been searching the net for examples of peoples work to see whats possible with this medium by the looks of your work its all possible. Im a painting student and Ive got gesso for priming canvas was wondering would you know if I apply this to board and sanded it and applied ink my self would this work as well as pre made boards.
    Again fantastic work

    • Hi Dan,

      Thanks very much for your comments. I think your gesso idea would work, but it probably wouldn’t be as nice to work on as the Ampersand boards. It’s certainly worth a try. An airbrush would be the way to apply the ink. That way it would be a rich black, but thin enough to allow for easy scratching.


  2. Hi Russ

    Thanks for the reply. Ive tested out gesso on card it aint great but I think its possible to leave marks but far from accurate and it kinda rips up the gesso even when Im going lightly, also maybe Im not applying the ink in the right way but I think Im best off waiting for the order to arrive and try it for real.
    Thank you for taking the time to reply and giving your advice much appreciated.

    Happy scratching

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